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Why CTE Programs?

What makes CTE successful is the shared commitment by educators, industry leaders, and policy makers to align academics in middle schools, high schools, and higher education with current and future labor market demands. At American River College, CTE faculty use their experience in the industry as well as their connections to area employers to design curriculum based on current market trends.

CTE equips students with

  • Core academic skills and the ability to apply those skills to concrete situations in order to function in the workplace and in routine daily activities
  • Employability skills (such as critical thinking and responsibility) that are essential in any career area
  • Job-specific technical skills related to a specific career path.
  • Opportunities to practice your skills through work experience, internships, and other work-based learning.


Benefits of enrolling in a CTE program at ARC

  • Industry-trained faculty and support staff
  • Flexible classes to balance work-school-home schedule
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Curriculum designed to improve job skills and marketability
  • Over 115 certificates in a wide variety of programs

American River College offers a broad array of career-oriented certificates and associate degrees through 43 rigorous CTE programs. Recent high school graduates, under-employed and unemployed adults, incumbent workers looking for career advancement, and college graduates seeking retraining all can benefit from CTE programs that offer clear pathways from shorter-term, entry-level to longer-term, higher-level credentials in their chosen fields.



How CTE Impacts the Economy

“CTE creates career pathways and imparts vital employability skills that employers are seeking in a 21st century workforce.”

— 2014 National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium 

As the economy recovers, the role of Career Technical Education (CTE) in the community college system has become critically important. In a recent report by the Workforce Alliance, data shows that middle-skill jobs—those that require postsecondary certificates or Associates degrees—make up 49% of California jobs. Middle-skill jobs refer to highly-skilled technical workers with several years of training and on-the-job experience in industries such as healthcare, construction, green technology, transportation and public service. CTE programs can provide a large portion of those credentials and ensure that California’s workforce is prepared to fill the needs of business and industry.

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Whether your educational goal is to earn an Associate degree or certificate, transition into a new career, or transfer to a 4-year institution, American River College is dedicated to helping you reach that goal.

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