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Work Experience and Internship Program

The Work Experience and Internship Program is an experiential academic program which allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to a work environment while earning college credit.

How the Work Experience & Internship Program Works for You

The program markets and recruits students specific to your organizational needs.  Those students who have decided on a major, and are ready for on-the-job training, are matched with like occupations in your environment.  An internship job description guides us to meet your specific needs.

Students are pre-screened on our campus.  Initially, we require our students to interview with program staff, submit college transcripts that demonstrate our students are in good academic standing and have completed necessary coursework and submit a resume.  They complete this process by interviewing with you.  Both employers and students have the option to accept or reject an internship opportunity.

Benefits of Hiring Interns

Interns give employers the opportunity to:

  • Create, develop, and complete special projects in your work environment
  • Accomplish tasks which free higher paid professionals for more advanced work
  • Integrate ambitious students into your organization through a structured, centralized process
  • Recruit, train, and evaluate future professional and semi-professional employees
  • Expose students to existing organizational practices and procedures
  • Promote closer ties between your organization, the college, and the community

How to Hire an Intern

  1. Register and post your internships on the Los Rios Internships & Career Services (LINCS)
  2. Once activated, your internship position will be viewable to students.
  3. Students will be pre-screened by program staff
  4. Qualified student resumes will be sent to you for your review by program staff
  5. You select the best student(s) to fit your needs through an interview.
  6. The student enrolls and attends a weekly Work Experience class.

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LaunchPath’s goal is to improve the quality of work-based learning opportunities and help students aspire for success both inside the classroom and beyond. LaunchPath is building the technology to facilitate better matches between students and employers in their career pathway industry sectors.

During our pilot phase, we will be working with employers, California Community Colleges, and Linked Learning high schools in the Sacramento region to create meaningful experiences that align with students’ fields of study. Employers in our pilot program will be able to take advantage of an advanced matching and badging platform that identifies students with the right interests and experiences and simplifies the process of creating beneficial work-based learning experiences for these students.

Learn more about LaunchPath

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