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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Because agriculture is California’s most important economic industry, California is often called the breadbasket of the world. If you love nature, animals, or growing things, the Agriculture and Natural Resources Sector may hold a great career for you.

A strong demand exists for well-trained, environmentally-sensitive individuals to provide the state, nation, and world with food, fiber, and a healthy environment. The Agriculture and Natural Resources Industry Sector provides a foundation for agriculture students in California. This sector emphasizes real-world, occupationally-relevant experiences. Classroom and laboratory instruction, supervised agricultural experience, projects, leadership, and interpersonal skill development activities prepare students for advanced training, higher education, and entry to a career.

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Degrees & Certificates at ARC


Love scientific research or clinical testing? Here you’ll learn how plant cells and DNA can be used to clean up the environment, fight disease, improve food production and make manufacturing more efficient and profitable.


  • Biotechnology 


  • A.S. Biotechnology 

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Horticulture & Landscape Design

If you love working with plants or designing landscapes, this program has it all! Learn everything from plant identification to soils and pest management. You can grow edible and ornamental plants in our green houses, out in the nursery, arboretum, or vineyard.


  • Horticulture
  • Landscape Design Technology


  • A.S. Horticulture 
  • A.S. Landscape Design Tech 

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Natural Resources

With increased awareness of conservation and sustainability, learning about plants, animals or ecological systems can help you to work in a variety of areas including non-profit, government, and private industries.


  • Environmental Conservation 


  • A.S. Environmental Conservation 

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