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Energy & Utilities

Utilizing renewable energy and sustainable resources will impact our future for generations to come. Hydroelectric, geothermal, and nuclear power are part of the current resources, but what new energy technology might the future hold? Doing more with less will likely be a focus of future research and development. Pollution created by energy and utility use poses a significant for environmentalists and scientists now and in the future. Improving the recycling of waste materials from trash to sewage will offer many employment opportunities in the Energy and Utilities industry sector.

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Degrees & Certificates at ARC

Solar Energy Technology

Learn about energy and how to make it more available, less expensive and more efficient, is a growing field to get into. You will be trained in all aspects of solar system design, as well as the sales, estimation, and installation details. 


  • Solar Energy Systems Design, Estimation & Sales 
  • Solar Energy Technology 

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Electronics Technology

If you love the idea of building your own circuits or robots, or learning about fiber optics and telecommunications, this program has it all. Put your problem-solving math skills to work in Mechtronics where you can learn the latest industrial automation techniques. 


  • Advanced Electronics & Telecommunications 
  • Biomedical Equipment Technology 
  • Digital Home Technology Integration 
  • Digital Repair & Upgrade Technician 
  • Fiber Optics 
  • Mechtronics 
  • Robotics 
  • Telecommunication Specialist 


  • A.S. Electronic Systems Technology 
  • A.S. Mechtronics 

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Geographic Information Systems

Go deep into the technology behind mapping and geospatial modeling, then see how it applies to other industries like environmental assessment, criminal justice, real estate and more. You’ll also learn about the tools used in combining maps with industrial data, statistical analysis and visualization. 


  • Geographic Information Systems 


  • A.S. Geographic Information Systems 

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