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Finance & Business

Business relies on financial and personnel managers to keep companies running smoothly. The pathways in the Finance and Business Industry Sector are key to successful business operations and offer a multitude of career opportunities. Students will discover that accounting skills are highly marketable and provide opportunities in many other career paths. Pathway instruction includes basic accounting principles and procedures, as well as computer applications, taxes, investments, and asset management. Someone with an understanding and an affinity for mathematics would thrive in the Finance and Business Industry Sector.

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Degrees & Certificates at ARC


Take your talent for numbers and learn how to analyze costs within a company, audit financial statements or work as a tax preparer. You’ll gain a strong background in fundamental concepts and accounting computer applications. 


  • Accounting 
  • Accounting Clerk 
  • Taxation 


  • A.A. Accounting 

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Learn everything it takes to be successful in today’s modern marketplace, whether that be in the private or public sector. You’ll get the essential skills for starting out in entry-level positions as an account executive, analyst, bank employee, or entrepreneur. 


  • General Business 
  • Small Business Management 
  • Technical Communications 


  • A.A. General Business 
  • A.A. Small Business Management 
  • A.A. Technical Communications 

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Business Technology

By perfecting your office management and clerical skills you can go on to pursue a career in administrative support or as an executive assistant. Specialize your training with basic legal terminology to become a law office assistant, or setup a virtual home office where you can provide administrative, creative, and technical services to clients anywhere in the world. 


  • Law Office Clerical Assistant
  • Office Technology
  • Virtual Office Professional


  • A.A. Administrative Professional
  • A.A. Virtual Entrepreneur

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Legal Assisting

The Legal Assisting program at ARC is approved by the American Bar Association and has been preparing students for this profession for over 30 years. In this program you will get exposure to a wide range of legal theories and terminology, and apply that knowledge into practical situations such as civil litigation, legal research and legal writing. 


  • Law Office Clerical Assistant 
  • Legal Assisting 


  • A.A. Legal Assisting 

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Learn the leadership and management functions that are essential to building world class organizations: including communications, customer service, effective planning, statistical analysis, teamwork, and leadership. This will give you the knowledge and skills needed to progress into management positions. 


  • Introduction to Leadership in Action 
  • Leadership 
  • Management 


  • A.A. Leadership 
  • A.A. Management 

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