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  • Your education is an important element in launching your career path. But it's also important to find your passion, research opportunities that match your passion, get experience in the real world by talking to people in your interest areas, and build you work experience and leadership skills.

    Below is a step-by-step process for finding your interests to getting experience and ultimately a career. Feel free to jump ahead if you prefer and start exploring these great resources. We've included the names and links of these websites below. Have fun planning your future!

    1. Start

    Find which careers match your personality.

    2. Explore

    There's a huge variety of job options to explore. In this step you'll dig deeper to see how much education you'll need and what each job's demand and earning potential are.

    3. Experience

    Once you find some areas that interest you, get out there and start talking with people who already work in the field you're interested in.

    4. Prepare

    This is where you get ready to launch your career by searching for jobs, building up a social network, writing resumes, and mastering the art of interviewing.

  • Explore Careers

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    • Explore each career pathway in a fun and comprehensive way.
    • Take an interest survey
    • Search for career options based on your results
    • Dig deeper into those career options with videos, salary information, desired job skills, and education needed to get into that career.
    • Identify specific job titles, earnings, educational requirements, and required knowledge, skills, and attitudes.


    This website is FUN! Pick your desired style of living and it will tell you how much it costs and how much you need to make to sustain that style of living! It also includes an interest inventory and exploration of different career paths!


    How much can you make? With Salary Surfer you can compare salaries of recent graduates in specific programs from the California Community Colleges. You'll get to see what you could be making in thousands of jobs!

  • Search & Apply for Jobs


    The California Career Center (CalCC) is your career planning website with tools to help you map your future, whether looking ahead to college, apprenticeship, the military or other options. CalCC is focused on resources for students but also contains resources for counselors, parents, teachers, in short, anyone interested in developing the career self-management skills necessary in today's world of work. Feel free to stay a while and come back often; we hope you enjoy the journey.


    Occupational search with lots of important and up-to –date information


    This website will search as specific or general as you want. If you know what career you want, go right there. If you don’t know, it will help you.


    CalJOBS is a resource for both students and employers to find and apply for internships or jobs. It's a full-service employment center for community college students where you can post your resume, apply to jobs and internships, and search for training opportunities.


    The Los Rios Internships & Career Services (LINCS) combines three college services that assist students and alumni with career training and employment needs. The Career Center, CalWORKS, and Co-op Work Experience and Internship Programs have teamed together to meet your job or internship search needs…and it’s free!  Through this site you can view available internships and jobs in the Sacramento region, post your resume for employers to view, and learn valuable tips on creating resumes and cover letters.


    A new online database being developed by the Foundation for California Community Colleges and the nonprofit Linked Learning Alliance aims to match high school and community college students with employers willing to hire them as interns. Linked learning programs combine academics with real-world work experience.

    The database, called LaunchPath, is the first of its kind in California. The online program will allow students and teachers to peruse and apply for internships at participating employers. Employers will be able to see if students have the qualifications and skills they’re seeking, making it easier to determine if applicants are the right fit.

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