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Work Experience and Internship Program

Get the experience to start making job connections or to find out if this is the right field for you. The Work Experience and Internship Program (WEXP) is an experiential academic program which allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to a work environment while earning college credit.

As an intern, you:

  • Enroll in a WEXP course and earn academic credit (1 – 4 units) for a paid or unpaid internship, volunteer position, or job related to your career goals.
  • Learn about your chosen career/industry
  • Acquire hands-on job experience in a carefully-structured and individualized program
  • Experience current practices in your chosen field
  • Receive career guidance in matching your skills to appropriate career positions
  • Obtain professional guidance in interviewing techniques, job search, and resume development
  • Consult faculty on workplace issues and reflect on your learning in the workplace

Students must be enrolled in a WEXP class (see class schedule for class times) in order to receive college credit for the hours completed at an internship or work experience site.

If you do not have an internship or other work-based learning opportunity, you can get referral assistance from the WEXP staff by calling 916-484-8182.

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LaunchPath’s goal is to improve the quality of work-based learning opportunities and help students aspire for success both inside the classroom and beyond. LaunchPath is building the technology to facilitate better matches between students and employers in their career pathway industry sectors. LaunchPath is working with local employers to provide internships that give students the chance to gain in-demand skills that align with their coursework, and assists them in planning for their futures—creating a bridge to higher education and success in the workforce.

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